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Jan 4, 2021 | Sportsman

Happy New Year to All!

With the year 2020 in the rear-view mirror, I’m looking forward to having club meetings atsome point in 2021.

This month I will bring the Officers and Trustees together in a conference call, discussingBSC’s path forward for 2021. I appreciate your patience and understanding and hope youwill remain members of the Bremerton Sportsmen’s Club.
I continue to check our post office box each week for membership renewals. To date wehave received eight renewals.

I’ve passed those along to Cele Sterling and she will be sending out 2021 membership cards. I ask that each of you consider renewing your membership.
The year 2021 has started like 2020 ended with me staying very busy. I’ve spent several weeks teaching my 15year old grandson how to stick weld.

As the weather has permitted,I’ve managed to overhaul my utility trailer, repaired a couple of fishing rods, and wrapped a couple of new ones

I continue to improve my TIG welding experience, concentrating on mastering aluminum welding and all the while doing all these fun things, I’ve kept the honey-do list manageable.

WDFW information/updates:

Governor Jay Inslee has appointed two new Wildlife Commissioners. The two new commissioners are King County resident Fred Koontz and Jefferson County resident LornaSmith. I’ve requested our newsletter editor add the Seattle Times article to this newsletter.

Those who have computer access can click on the link below to read also.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501

January 5, 2021
Conservation rules implemented on coastal tributaries update
Updates rules for coastal tributaries regarding gamefish seasons, fishing from afloating device, Selective Gear Rules (Selective Gear Rules prohibit the use of baitincluding scents or scented materials) with only one single-point barbless hook allowed inall areas open to fishing and requires the release of all rainbow trout.

Effective date: Immediately, until further notice.
Species affected: All species.

All species: Fishing from a floating device is prohibited. Selective Gear Rules in effect,except only one single-point barbless hook is allowed.
Rainbow trout: Release all rainbowtrout.

Tahuya Lake Public Access
– Nothing new to report at this time.
Next will be KitsapCounty review and approval.
Phyllis Kanyer has agreed to take the lead keeping the Clubinformed as we move forward.
This project is on track for groundbreaking mid-summer2021.

Columbia River – The Washington Wildlife Commission and Oregon Fish and WildlifeCommission are continuing to struggle with a proposed policy change that will reduce recreational fishing in exchange for increased non-tribal gillnetting (Main Stem) on the lower Columbia River. I believe there is a path forward where we can have robust fisheries on hatchery fish while minimizing impacts to wild fish. But we need selective fisheries, like rod and reel, to be successful. For too long, our fisheries managers (tribal and non-tribal)have largely ignored selective fishing as a tool to maintain and increase hatchery production. As a side note, in my opinion, I personally believe the reason Brian Blake, Washington State House Representative District 19 State House Chair of Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee lost his bid for re-election this past November was becauseof the problems and roadblocks he created for the Columbia River and Willapa Bay fishery issues.

Hatchery VS Wild
Remember, the first-ever hatcheries in the PNW were created for the purpose ofcommercial harvest. Of course, habitat has been degraded since then and many morehatcheries were built as mitigation for lost habitat and hydro dams. But our salmon runsinitially “crashed” due to overharvesting. And since fisheries management is driven by amaximum sustainable yield mindset, the core issue of the harvest is never truly addressed.

Friendly reminder, it is now time to renew your club membership for 2021. Send yourpayment to the BSC post office box 522, Bremerton WA 98337.

If you have questions about membership contact Cele Sterling at her email
or by phone at: 360-627-7855

In closing, again I wish each of you a safe and happy new year.
Best Regards,
Ron Flerx – President BSC
360-328-4954 (C)

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