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Feb 23, 2021 | Sportsman

JAN 2021 President’s Message As I prepare to write this Presidents message, Bremerton Sportsmen’s Club has nearly 30 members renewing their membership for year 2021. It appears we are on track to meet or exceed our 2020 membership numbers. Thank you for your continued dedication by supporting BSC. On January 28th the club’s Officers and Trustees held a group conference call which allowed us to catch up on club business. A treasures report was given and I’m happy to say all of the accounts and balance sheets are in order and correct. Sometime in March we will be rolling over a CD which is maturing. The minutes for the January 28th conference call were sent out electronically to all active members who have email accounts, smartphones and computer access. For those of you who are not electronically connected, you will receive your copy of these minutes along with the February newsletter via U.S Mail service. As COVID-19 issues, concerns and the impacts of COVID continue, I remain optimistic BSC will be able to maintain operations and at some point, continue holding our scheduled general meetings. Unfortunately, with all the uncertainly to date we have decided it best to cancel our February meeting. Trust me, we all miss the buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Blueberry Pies! I’d like our club to schedule a summer picnic, maybe around August time frame and have the picnic at Bremerton’s Otto Jarstad Park. I’d like some feed back from the membership with your thoughts about the picnic. In the mean time I’ll be talking with the City of Bremerton’s public works department to discuss availability and use of the Jarstad Park. BSC is moving forward with development of our website. The Officers and Trustees have agreed to move forward with development of the website. I’ve asked a few of you to help out, i.e., with pictures, a mission statement, and basic content for our website. We feel the website will help us bring younger members with fresh ideas. I want especially thank Bob and Donna Overly, Dennis and Arvilla Ohlde, Louie Morton and Phyllis Kanyer for moving so quickly with their ideas for the mission statement and content gathering. Also, I’ve asked our newsletter editor Cheyanne to assist us with ideas, including development, maintenance, and management of the site once we go live. Please reach out to Cheyanne, thank her for services she provides the BSC Club. The successes of the website will greatly depend on website content, so if others have ideas, please contact us.

Northwest Treaty Tribes – Publication

Northwest Treaty Tribes is published quarterly and BSC is a subscriber and it comes to our P.O Box. I enjoy reading the articles, most being very informative. I would normally have these pubs at our general meetings. The publication is free to those who request it. Here is the link: Articles may be reprinted, so I’ve asked our newsletter editor share this article. “European Green Crab Invade North Sound” in this newsletter.

Legislative Information:

Washington State Legislature convened on January 11 and adjourn on April 25. The legislative hotline phone number is 1-800-562-6000. Be sure to call and express your concerns about bills that are important to each of you. I’ve personally have made several calls on the bills that impact me and my family related to K-12 education, WDFW failures, sports fishing, hunting, firearm regulations proposals and shooting. I appreciate all legislative information Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation (WWC) and Hunter Heritage Council (HHC) sends us related to gun rights and hunting.

In closing, once again a friendly reminder, if you haven’t done so please consider renewing your club membership for 2021. Send your payment to the BSC post office box 522, Bremerton WA 98337. If you have questions about membership contact Cele Sterling at her email or by phone at 360-627-7855.

Best Regards,
Ron Flerx – President BSC
360-328-4954 (C

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