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Apr 16, 2024 | President's Message, Sportsman

President’s Message

At the March meeting club elections were held and I was reelected as your President once more. Bob Overly was elected as Vice President. John McIntosh was reelected as Treasurer. Trevor Guyton was elected to Trustee Position two. Steve Christensen was reelected filling Trustee Position four. As a result of Bob Overly becoming VP, Trustee Position one was filled by Jack Gaudette. As for Secretary there were no volunteers or nomination to fill this position. I’m asking for a volunteer to fill in as Secretary. As I had previously publicly informed the club I wanted to step down as your President, with no one volunteering or other nomination presented, I was nominated and agreed to retain the position for this upcoming year in hopes someone will volunteer and be willing to take over as President. I would like to thank those of you who volunteered as Officers and Trustees in 2024.

Membership with a combination of single and family is now at 42 members. With the exception of a couple of hold outs we have retained most of those who were members last year. Thank you all for supporting BSC by joining or renewing your membership. Reminder, memberships can be renewed in person at the general meeting or by mailing your membership renewal to our post office box at P.O. Box 522 Bremerton, WA 98337.

You can also renew on our website BSC membership is for the current year starting on January 1 with expiration on December 31st.

Our efforts for having BSC signage at four public accesses sites which were deeded to WDFW in 1948 is on-going. This signage issue has been on our plate for over a year now. I recently reached out to the acting Region 6 Director asking for help gaining some traction to move this issue forward. While BSC volunteers are ready to assist with the placement of these signs, we continue to wait on the WDFW team to finalize their requirements allowing these signs to be placed at the four access sites.

The partnering adventure between BSC and Green Diamond is in motion. Green Diamond is
finalizing their agreement with BSC to partner with of planting fish and adopting a couple pond accesses for liter control.

Currently we have 5 or 6 blue hats with additional hats on order, so if you have recently joined as a new member, attend a meeting to receive your hat. These blue hats along with a BSC logo window sticker are given to those who join the club.

I’ve reached out to Ducks Unlimited Kitsap County and presented the question to them! I found information on the News Break link: “Public is Invited to Influence Restoration (SEPA)of Theler Wetlands in Mason County”. Question to Ducks Unlimited – “What will be the impact on duck hunting as a result of the restoration of Theler Wetlands”? Bremerton Sportsmen’s Club is an advocate for public access and hunting sports and willing to support if there are impacts to the rights of fishers and hunters. Follow the link for info

President of Ducks Unlimited Kitsap County reached back to me via email and stated DU would actively respond to the Theler Wetlands Restoration request for comments. Mark your calendars, April 27th is opening day for lowland lakes. Get outdoors, take the kids and grandkids enjoy the outing, catch a couple fish. As in past years WDFW promotes trout fishing by sponsoring a Trout Derby which is held from April 27th through October 31st. For the updated stocking schedule go to

One last note: At the March meeting I had asked for a showing of hands of those who were willing to do creel census for WDFW, the response was good. I reached out to WDFW on March 27th via a text message stating BSC could support creel census. At this writing, I have not gotten a response from WDFW, so I will say thank you to those who raised their hands and BSC members need to plan on fishing opening day trout fishing on lowland lakes this year!

Upcoming Events:

  • Beaver Pond Planting, Public Access cleanup at local Kitsap and Mason County Lakes, Club Picnic (August).
  • See you at the General Meeting April 23rd. Plan of a club raffle with trout gear donated.

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